Entry-level role to broaden understanding of marketing, IT systems, lending requirements, basic customer interactions. Significant time spent studying for industry's required federal test.

Timeline: 3-6 mo

Income Est: $15/Hr

Assisting clients via phone/email/txt communications, understanding client financial needs, advising best product fits, and guiding clients through 25-45 day lending cycle.

Timeline: 18 mo - 2 yrs

Income Est: $40k-70k

Similar to consultant role, however, with additional income opportunities, personal assistant and responsibility to manage a larger client base. $10M+ career fundings.

Timeline: 12 mo - 2 yrs

Income Est: $70k-110k

This role allows for additional leadership opportunities. Often this role will entail mentoring 4-6 colleagues who are newer to the business and lacking mastery of products and process.

Timeline: 12 mo - 2 yrs

Income Est: $75k-150k

Our highest level consultants and managers who have amassed $30M+ in career funded loan volume. Report directly to regional management with maximum autonomy.

Timeline: 5 yr+

Income Est: $150k+